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The Gail Foley Show - Gabbin' With Gail Grows Your Business
Category: Careers
With my 'gift for gab' I love to interview business professionals, sharing their success stories and their passion inspiring YOU on your journey to success...listen in for motivation and inspiration.
My 'gift of gab'. Who knew when my study hall teacher told me if I could just find a way to use my 'gift of gab' I'd be rich!...

by Gail Foley
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June 18, 2014 11:24 AM PDT

Please Listen – Very Important Message

I’ve been quietly referring to things going on in my life right now, but I want to use today’s show to bring light to what is happening. My baby brother who lives quite a ways away has been battling a cancer called Multiple Myeloma:

Multiple Myeloma is cancer that starts in the plasma cells in bone marrow. Bone marrow is the soft, spongy tissue found inside most bones. It helps make blood cells. Plasma cells help your body fight infection by producing proteins called antibodies.

This an awful cancer which took our Dad’s life 19 years ago. Sadly, the wonderful treatment of chemotherapy has destroyed all of my brother’s bone marrow. This happens to about 20% of the patients and he happens to be one of them. I am presently waiting for a medical kit from his Transplant Coordinator. Once that arrives I will go to an independent lab and have a blood sample drawn. I will send that back to them and see if the cells would be a match for him. They want donors no older than 44, but regardless, the find the best matches with siblings…

So now you know what I have been alluding to and wasn’t sure if I should mention it when I realized it might help someone else, or spur someone to donate blood, or sign the organ donor space on the back of their license. And today when I saw this story about this little Eliza, I knew I had to bring more awareness to her story. Because we are all connected, and we need to be there for each other.

Definitely strive to give people more Wednesdays, we are part of the solution.

May 14, 2014 09:10 AM PDT

****PLEASE NOTE: I am now in iTunes and Stitcher with my new word press website. Please visit there and subscribe or just add my site to your favorites: http://www.thegailfoleyshow.com Thanks so much.

As I sit here writing this I realized I forgot to take a picture last night of my group! Dang it! I had such a wild and crazy day yesterday!

First, I was off to my usual business luncheon - every first and second Tuesday of the month! I get to stand at the registration table and greet everyone! I met an incredible young entrepreneur who has many different fun businesses and does a Podcast! I'll definitely be interviewing him very soon...

But let's back up a minute - my day started with an early cancellation for my Women Connectors that meet every second Tuesday. I'd ordered the food the night before, so some are expected, but when I had 3, ouch! And then the night before I was asked if I was coming to see my grand daughter honored at school...hello??? The night before.

So I went to my meeting at 11:15 AM - slipped out early to go sit at this honors event for 2 hours. Got home, got another cancellation...food delivered by my wonderful husband, meeting set and off we go...

But you have to listen in to hear the whole story. Sorry, that's why I do these podcasts, so you'll listen and now you can subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher Radio, your choice, and thank you for your following me. Every listen, download, 5 star review, comment, share, like - they all help build the audience for my guests I interview on Friday! And this Friday is going to be awesome. Lesa Townsend - check out the event she's created and sign up - it's FREE, but only available until the end of May: www.BusinessExpoStrategy.com

May 13, 2014 09:00 AM PDT

I am so absolutely thrilled that I took my side step last year to learn internet marketing. I was so very determined that no matter what I was going to learn how to market on line and grow my network marketing business in a bigger faster way.

Well, I learned something alright, I learned I hated all that stuff. The solo ads, the strategic broadcasting to my list, the traffic sources and buying leads and trying to sell the program to others. I did not fail at it, but it just wasn't the rousing success story I thought would emerge after long months...

However, it was part of my journey to bring me to my mentor and my future trainer on what I now do, which is this podcasting platform! Ironically, I had thought about doing something like this and had put it out to my friends for feedback and got a great nod of 'oh yeahs' from all those I asked. But it wasn't until I met Sam Crowley through this internet marketing organization we both belonged to that it all fell in place.

But that was just the beginning - in fact, the picture on here was taken at that very same event in Nashville last fall! Little did I know how profound that would become for me. And the wonderful woman that took that picture has become a dear friend to me. But here's the thing to get a 'leg up' as the expression goes you gotta also 'STEP UP' and be willing to find your mentor or coach or trainer, whatever the term is for your niche!

Now you need to listen to understand what I'm talking about! And please share that's what helps everyone grow in their business!

May 12, 2014 09:00 AM PDT

I know so many people that have dreams and are struggling to get away from the awful challenge of making money immediately. And I know, from personal experience that just doesn't always happen fast enough. Today's show is about one of my many detours that I took along the way to becoming my own boss, doing what I love to do...

Brian Tracy's quote speaks volumes to me. This one is an excerpt from "The Treasury of Quotes" and the page, 'Attitude/Possibility Thinking': 'Dream big dreams! Imagine that you have no limitations and then decide what's right before you decide what's possible.'

If you know in your heart that your dream is right, there is no stopping you until you make it possible. I've been on my journey to be free of the boss for many, many years. I've worked the jobs while I've played the network marketing game in the off hours. I've gone from one thing to another trying to find the perfect fit, and yes, make money while I was doing it. I've spent a chunk of change and then some starting stuff that slid sideways faster than I could get back up...

But fast forward to today and here I am, doing what I love, helping people see the end of their tunnel and sharing other people's stories who have had hurdles to jump and did! It ain't easy, but you do have to want it to the point it becomes a 'sickness' as I said on a previous show. It's a fever and an unquenchable thirst all at the same time. And there's only one cure...keep on keepin' on!

Please share this with someone you know who may be stuck and needs to hear a story...you never really know where someone is. People can be very private when they are going through their personal struggles. It always amazes me when they've come through it and then they share and yet had they held their hand out and said help me, we could have. I've been one of those people... and I learned that sharing helps in so many ways. Thank you.

P.S. Video Series starts today - register for your Tips & Strategies for Successful Connecting to keep informed. Scroll back to the top - and it's to your right smiley See you soon! You'll find that at www.TheGailFoleyShow.com

May 09, 2014 09:00 AM PDT

Robyn Rice Foster,aka La Parisianne du Chocolat blends love and a great appreciation of chocolate to create handcrafted, exquisite, silk, rich, sensuous and decadent chocolates for those who expect nothing less than perfection.

La Parisianne has been creating artesian chocolates since 2007.

As her story goes, Robyn was first introduced to fine chocolates on a trip to Paris, France in 2005… it was there that she was introduced to The French Chocolatiers, Pierre Hermė, Ladurėe, La Mâison du Chocolat and Richard who inspired Robyn to become a chocolatier.

After returning from France, she enrolled in E’ Cole Chocolat and graduated with Honors from the Professional; School of Chocolat, L’Arts Chocolat in February 2007 and later returned to Paris in October 2007 to “stage” the World Chocolate Masters in which she fine tuned her chocolate skills. In 2011, Robyn became a Master Chocolatier by visiting cocoa plantations in South America and in the Dominican Republic which covered from the bean, to pod, to making of chocolate…and now she shows everyone how to “Become One With The Chocolate”.

You can reach Robyn directly at (888) 773-7870 or visit her new website:
www.lapariesianneduchocolat.com info@lapariesianneduchocolat.com
And remember her motto: ‘Any Day is a Perfect Day for Chocolate’

P.S. Please share this fabulous story with all your connections. Let’s help Robyn’s business explode in a shower of chocolate orders from all over the world! And then you can experience the taste that I share on the video you can see on her profile at my site smiley

May 08, 2014 10:35 AM PDT

First a great big apology to Robin Roberts! I totally screwed up when I kept spelling her name as 'Robyn'! My guest tomorrow is 'Robyn' so I had that locked in my brain! Please forgive my hiccup and I have since found Robin's book, to share with you the title: 'Everybody's Got Something'.

And to think I just got thoroughly chastised the other day because I had misunderstood someone's name. Funny thing when I looked on her business card her name wasn't on it and I guess I missed it when I replied back to an email. No excuses, so I should have been more diligent in learning the proper name of this incredible, inspiration woman, Robin Roberts.

I was really more focused on her story of recovery, enlightenment and perception. I listened to her passion of sharing with others the big health hurdle she faced only to have another one added right on top of it...

Her wake up call was powerful as she realized it's the journey we should relish and not so much the destination that we're focused on...

Thank you for sharing and please tune in tomorrow to hear Robyn Rice Foster of LaParisianne du Chocolat interview. Yummy story - and in a minute you can find me taste testing on YouTube.

May 07, 2014 09:00 AM PDT

If you have been following this series you may remember there are actually 7 Faces of Intention as referenced in the book 'The Power Of Intention' .

It is an extraordinary book and I have had a lot of fun sharing it with you and hope that you have embraced what you've heard. I have shared on every show that I wholeheartedly recommend you buy the book or rent it free from your local library, or grab the Kindle copy, but no matter what, you really want to read this book.

I really read a lot on this chapter because he goes on and shares the 5 steps to getting the most out of this particular chapter. He references all 7 of them, and they are: creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance, and peaceful receptivity.

He recommends putting these all on 3 X 5 index cards and placing them all over your home and work environment to be a constant reminder. I like that idea and will be doing that because even though I have embraced most of them, it doesn't take much to get out of sync and go backwards.

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I have. Thank you for sharing and letting other people in on what might help someone with their next adventure or bump in the road. I appreciate you very much.

May 06, 2014 09:00 AM PDT

On this show I share with you the story of Jack DeBoer regarding his journey of entrepreneurship. As of 2011 when the book was written that I refer to, he is responsible for 300,000 extended stay hotel rooms. He launched four hotel brands: Residence Inn, Summerfield Suites, Candlewood Suites and Value Place. He sold the first three hotel chains to Marriott, Hyatt and InterContinental Hotels, respectively.

And speaking of respect, I so respect this 83 year old man who is still going strong as he shares his story from stage. He talks little actually about his rise to success and more of his 'awakening' to what truly is important. He tells his tale in his book: "Risk Only Money" by Jack DeBoer

I'm reading his book, now, but I've been privileged to hear his wisdom from stage. He is very entertaining and pulls no punches in relating to his audience that at some point you have to decide your true priorities in life.

Now, you know me, I'm not goin' give it to you all, you have to listen and then I'll know you'll want to grab his book!

Enjoy your this day and please make someone else's by sharing this with someone that needs to hear it. I'd love a 5 Start Review on iTunes, every listen, every follow, every download may help someone else with their 'success story'.

May 05, 2014 09:04 AM PDT

Yes, I dub these motivational Mondays, because maybe my crazy adventures can motivate you to taking a BIG step, versus little tiny baby steps. Sometimes when life happens you have to challenge your comfort zone and take a running leap over the chasm! I did and am so very grateful that I did.

And listening to Joel Olsteen's podcast this morning just reinforced what I truly believe. When you get a 'feeling' or a 'nudge' or that whisper from your subconscious saying don't or do...we need to listen.

And listen and I did, but now it's your turn to find out what happened after I decided to stop fighting 'city hall' and to move forward with my life. At one point during all this commotion of going from $3,000 a month income to $400 I addressed my daughter very sternly one day. I was very concerned she was not taking our current dilemma very seriously. 18 at the time, she just looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm not worried, we've been here before and you've always gotten us out of it." Talk about a wake up call...and so I woke up and got busy on starting a new chapter.

Thanks for tuning in and please share this, you have no idea how very much I appreciate your listening and passing it forward to someone that may need to hear my story, to help theirs.

May 01, 2014 11:04 AM PDT

I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to be part of this incredible online Business Strategy Expo. Not only was I asked to be the 'podcast expert', but I was challenged on creating a free gift to add to the other 19 experts! I mean you have got to listen in and take advantage of all the tips and free gifts you have offered to you, to help grow your business!
Here's the scoop per the host of this event:

"Growing your business can often seem like hard work. You know there’s advice out there that could help make the business building process easier, but finding what you need to take the next step in your business seems to take up more and more of your time.

There’s plenty of free trainings out there – teleclasses, webinars, multi-day telesummits – but who has the time to sift through all of the junk to find the one nugget of useful information?

The Business Strategy Expo is a different kind of event, designed with us in mind.

Twenty experts share their best business building tip or strategy in 5 minutes or less. In less than 90 minutes, you could listen to all 20 tips and discover several juicy tips you can put into practice right now.

Great tips like mine , which I share on the Expo, in addition to gifting subscribers with my “Brainstorming Worksheet For Podcasting” .

Come join us at the Business Strategy Expo and pick up some great advice you can use to grow your business today. It’s just 5 minutes; what have you got to lose?"

Go here or: http://bit.ly/1n2FCM6 Or just go to my website:
www.TheGailFoleyShow.com - Blog/Podcast page

P.S. Please share this with every business person you know or future business people, via social media, your list, your newsletter, the more people that know about this the more people we can help. Remember, it is a time sensitive offer, so sooner is better than later! And Thank you!

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